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A quick job for a Horse called Hovis.

Thank you very much indeed for the excellent service you provided, proof reading a book written by a horse called Hovis.

Our client, a horse welfare charity, gave us an incredibly tight deadline which entailed you working over a weekend and we are so grateful that you not only accepted the job, but that you did it in the timescale required and with great attention to detail.

It is very reassuring to know that we have an associate we can turn to who we can reliably work with to help our clients ensure everything they publish is of the highest quality.

Joanne Wilson
Managing Director - Fill the Gap Marketing Ltd


A fantastic eye for detail.

"I've known Alison for a good number of years and I'm delighted to recommend her services.
She recently helped to proof read and amend the copy for my website and did an absolutely excellent job. She has a fantastic eye for detail - and acted as my spelling and grammar police. I would heartily recommend Alison if you need any documents, blog or website content reviewing, proof reading or checking. 

And aside from that, she is a delight to have a cup of coffee with!"

Heather Stanford
MD - Stanford Gould Group


Outsourcing some long overdue administration tasks.

"I had some messy and long overdue admin work that needed attending. A friend recommended Alison, and I'm so glad he did! Not only is Alison highly professional, skilled and efficient, but she is also extremely personable and an excellent communicator. She had an instinctive understanding of what I needed doing, sorted it all out and set me back on the right track!

Alison was a pleasure to work with.  I can't recommend her highly enough."

Andy Wells
Owner/operator of Garden, Tree and Landscape Services


Deliberate Transcription & "Fortunate" Proof-Reading.

Initially met Alison through a friend who recommended her service. I knew that she had transcribed materials up to a level required for legal transactions.  From early on I was very impressed with the high level of service Alison provides – absolute accuracy is essential when it comes to legal proceedings.

I was fortunate enough to benefit from her proof-reading skills too!  While in a meeting to discuss my plans for self-publishing, I showed Alison a pdf of a brochure I had produced which was about to go to print.  So glad I did!  She spotted several grammatical errors and one major typo.

This goes to highlight the importance of someone else reviewing your work.  I had reviewed the piece several times myself and missed those errors – I dread to think impact on my credibility had I sent it out like that!

I now use Alison to review materials before they are sent out, safe in the knowledge that doing so helps me to promote a positive and importantly, an accurate image.  I feel lucky to have someone as organised and effective.  To top it off, Alison comes in and really feels like part of team that we couldn't do without.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alison and her business services.  If Tetris becomes an Olympic sport, we will have a gold medal winner in Alison!

Graham Palk
Owner - Stealth Brothers


Refreshing to have someone able to understand my needs and fulfil them.

"I have to recommend Alison's office support and business mentoring skills. I have worked with her for some time now, and hope to work with her again (and again). She has an ability to take on many tasks which I was doing, freeing up my time and energy to focus on the work which only I  can do, or which requires specialist in depth knowledge of my business. She has helped me to tackle a project, which I was avoiding, and bring it back to life, and encourages me to move forward. It's refreshing to work with someone who can see the whole picture, and while taking on the more routine tasks to free up my time, will consider the impact of that work, do it to the best of her ability and improve the end product.  She challenges me and encourages me in equal measure, and reminds me of my skills and talents so that I continue to move forwards every day - thank you."

Linda Murray
Therapist & Senior Consultant at NYR Organic


Doubling the amount of work completed.

"In the New Year I started to use your services as an add on to my admin support.  My typing is no where near as fast as Alison's and she manages to double the amount of work per hour that I could achieve completing the task on my own. We have both been members of Tony Brook's Solopreneur Club and as those of you who have worked with him will know, he helps us to put targets in place to achieve each month. Thanks to Alison's hard work, she has helped me to achieve my goals ahead of time, meaning that I have two weeks left to concentrate on other things."

Suzanne Reeveley
Owner - Honest Inks Limited


Getting to the "root" of a client's requirements.

"Thank you for the work you did for myself and Ginger Root. When we took over Print Study (Ginger Root prior to the name change), the financials were not well ordered and, while we could see the overview, the detail was lacking. Your work to ensure that everything was filed correctly and nothing was missing was invaluable. It enabled us to make the correct decisions moving forward.  If a similar opportunity arose, we would have no hesitation in seeking your help."

Anthony Scoon
Ginger Root Print


Providing a firm foundation and a structured approach that worked for ME.

"I was introduced to Alison of The House of Rouse by a trusted colleague because I was struggling to communicate what I wanted for my business and as a result could foresee that it wouldn’t last if I couldn’t change that somehow. I liked Alison from the beginning as she took the time to listen to me and was patient with me while she taught me ways of focusing my vision. This enabled me to understand why I was in business in the first place, why I was doing what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve – vital if my business was to be a success.

Alison managed that which no one else had - she gave me a structured yet flexible approach that consistently helped me to shape my business into what I wanted it to be. The advice and mentoring that she passed along during our time together has continued to be valuable even now as I re-launch my business after some time off with my health.

I felt that Alison worked hard to understood me and my way of working and best of all she tailored everything to suit my personality and available time. All this has made Alison my top choice to work with again and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her services."

Sarah Kerr
Owner - Purcle Therapies/Weleda Advisor

Defining my brand, my target market and getting me out there!

“Alison put me in contact with many people that I just wouldn't have been able to speak to before. This has brought me new contracts, sales and event opportunities. She even visited me at my show in Grimsby (quite a distance) to help me improve my “market brand”, providing me with some invaluable observations regarding product placement and advertising and promotion.

The market and training provision side of my business has gone from strength to strength. I am even considering video tutorials on the web, which I would never have dreamed of doing previously!

I will be happily recommending Alison Rouse from The House Of Rouse, for her attention to detail, her impressive organisational skills and the level of support given – I would not have progressed so far without her assistance.”

Graham Palk
Owner, Enchanting Artifacts