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"P.A. by the day or retainer to pay, which works best for you, we'll do it your way"

All our office services start with a free 30 minute consultation - from which we guarantee to discover 3 ways for a client to become immediately more effective in their business.

Our services are available on a block booking, retainer or pay-as-you-go basis, so that you can manage your cash-flow. Just drop us a message at  to find out more about how we at The House of Rouse empower YOU to do business through organisation!

We offer 2 main services in this area:


"I'll get around to it..." 

  Are there important jobs that you know you "should" be doing in your office? Things that need
  completing, but with your busy schedule, you just don't seem to "get round to"?

  Instead of a useful mailshot list, are all those business cards with contact emails sitting in a biscuit
  tin? Receipts that need entering? Invoices that need sending so that you can get paid? Debtors that need ringing? What about those appointments and managing your diary?

  At The House Of Rouse, we offer a virtual administration service to handle your office needs.  We   

  1) Arrange to manage your office needs remotely.

  2) Offer the remote service, backed up with monthly 1-2-1 meetings to give you a face-to-face
  element for those that like it.

  3) Support you by spending an agreed number of hours in your office on a weekly or monthly basis.














We recommend this option to clients who are starting out with a VA or are unsure as to how many hours they may need.  Buying a block of hours at £29.99 an hour means that we can work through your office requirements and you'll develop a thorough understanding of what you need and how often.  It's also a good option if you need a VA on an adhoc basis because you can have "hours in the bank".

Please contact us on for more information and to get a quote!


If you already know that you need a set number of hours a week/month then this option will work out the most cost effective for you.  These hours can be used either onsite, remotely or a combination of both.  Available on a three, six or twelve month basis, benefitting from a reduced hourly rate.

Please email us on for more information and to get a quote.



We specialise in making sure that your home office helps rather hinders you!

  A visit to your working environment helps us to understand both how you work as an individual and
  how your business functions. 

  As a result we provide you with a brief report with recommendations to improve how you work in  
  your business and how your business works for you.